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Let us guide your power plant through the complex power generation value chain.
Our team of engineers and program directors will help you architect and deploy
technology tools and create tailored maintenance packages, so your plant produces
cleaner, more efficient, and reliable energy to meet the growing global energy demand.

ST Power Services Consultants consists of Power industry professionals with years of experience in providing world class services to Industrial and large-scale Utilities. Our consultants provide technical expertise across the entire shaft-line;

  • Gas Turbines: Optimize gas turbine operations, M & D, preventive maintenance, power augmentations, lifetime extension of Hot Gas Path parts, operating flexibility.
  • Steam Turbines: Steam path assessment, component lifetime assessment, major and minor overhaul, and outage management
  • Generators: Strong experience in air and hydrogen cool generators of all sizes (from 50 MVA to 2000 MVA), partial discharge monitoring, mechanical and electrical testing, and repair services
  • HRSG & WSC: Operational efficiency and performance improvement of Boiler and Water Steam Cycle process
  • Plant Electrical and Control Systems: Instrumentation, turbine control systems, Generator excitation systems, Generator & Transformer Protection systems, BOP controls, Plant communication network, and Operator control room & HMIs.

Our team works closely with Owners to design the best-in-class solutions to meet growing demand for reliable, clean, and efficient power production while remaining profitable.

Overall Plant Performance

  • Operational efficiency
  • Operation & Maintenance Strategy
  • Service contract efficiency
  • Boiler and Water Steam Cycle efficiency

Performance Engineering

  • Engineering analysis
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Baseline and alternative system performance enhancement

Electrical, Instrumentation, and Control System Performance

  • BOP (Balance of Plant) Systems
  • EI&C Systems
  • Energy efficient electrical components
  • Generator & HV Protection systems

Air Quality Control Systems

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Emission Control Mechanisms
  • Environmental Clearances
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

We follow a highly structured process to project management with particular emphasis on safety, quality, schedule, and costs.

Project Planning

  • System architecture
  • Functional and operational mapping
  • Cost modelling
  • Critical path analysis

Project Execution

  • CPM based project schedule
  • Vendor / Contractor management
  • Health and safety management
  • Escalation mechanisms
  • Quick response protocols

Tracking & Reporting

  • Performance mapping
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Adherence to performance metrics
  • Daily / weekly / monthly briefings

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