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Siraj Taj

Principal, ST Power Services Consultants, LLC


Siraj Taj has 30 years of experience in the power generation industry.
A long career in OEM gives him a unique understanding of power plant engineering in general, and product and service insights enabling him to provide exceptional leverage to power plant owners when negotiating LTSAs, and developing O&M strategies; including risk profiles, and planned upgrades to improve the operational efficiency of power generation assets.

His primary areas of expertise are LTSA negotiations, asset performance management, total plant life cycle improvement, electrical and I&C upgrades, component obsolescence management, project engineering, project management, and business process management.

Siraj is self-driven, results oriented with years of proven success improving business performance, building strong customer relationships, and solving complex problems with pragmatic solutions.

Project Highlights:

  • Asset Performance Management: 1000MW combined cycle power plant. Configuration: 4 x KA24 (using Alstom GT24)
  • LTSA negotiation: a 20-years, $153M LTSA with GE, delivered savings of $95M to Owner over contract life
  • Supply agreement: Negotiated raw water supply agreement with local county
  • Operational efficiency: Managed several upgrade projects to improve operational efficiency, increase reliability and availability, and dual fuel conversion to improve operating flexibility
    • Successfully implemented Turbine Control System upgrade of ABB Vax ST at Cogen facility
    • Successfully implemented Turbine Control System upgrade of 4 x LM6000 GT + BOP + HMI + plant communications network
    • Successfully managed a dual fuel (NG & ULSD) conversion of 2 x GE7EA with DLN1 Combustion System
  • Project Management: Successfully completed a Waste Water Treatment project to separate storm water and waste water
  • Restoration agreement: Successfully negotiated ULSD tank restoration agreement with Sunoco
  • Asset Evaluation: Due diligence of 2 power generation assets up for sale
  • Contract Management: Managed several Long-Term Service Agreements for large Combined Cycle Power Plants. Value: $750MUSD
  • Service Operation: Developed and managed a Local Service Operation in Moscow to serve power market in Russia and CIS countries. Annual Sales: 300MEuro
  • Bayside Power Plant: Managed LTSA for operation & maintenance of a multi-shaft combined cycle power plant. Configuration: 1 x Alstom GT24. Contract value: $250M
  • La Paloma Generating Facility: Managed LTSA for operation & maintenance of a single-shaft combined cycle power plant. Configuration: 4 x KA24 (using Alstom GT24) Contract value: $350M
  • Bellingham Power Station: Technical Project Manager for EPC project. Configuration: 2 x KA24 (Single shaft combined cycle power plant using Alstom GT24). The project included civil, mechanical, and electrical scope of work. Contract value: $500M
  • Dighton Station: Technical Project Manager for EPC project. Configuration: 1 x KA11N2 (Single Shaft combined cycle power plant using Alstom GT11N2. Contract value: $150M.
  • Suncor Station: Project engineering and procurement for simple cycle power plant using Alstom GT11NM. Contract value: $90M
  • Business Development: EPC bid development and sales support for Panda, Hays, La Paloma, Bellingham, Blackstone, Suncor, and Dighton Projects.
  • Reliability Studies: Conducted root cause analysis to determine the failure of SFC and Switchover Unit that resulted in failed start of simple cycle plants with GT11N1. Developed and implemented PLC solution to replace the analogue Switchover unit.
  • SCM Support: Lead cost reduction initiative of DC system for EPC projects by evaluating and selecting a competitive supplier. Achieved 20% cost reduction.


  • Asset Management
  • Business Development
  • LTSA Negotiation & Execution
  • Operational & Contractual Efficiencies
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Management


  • 30 years in Power Industry
  • Director of Operations, Alstom Power Inc, Moscow
  • Business Development & Sales Process Management
  • Technical Project Manager of large gas turbine combined cycle EPC projects
  • Commissioning Engineer


  • Virginia Commonwealth University: Master of Business Administration
  • Cleveland State University: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • University of Udaipur, India: Bachelor of Science in Physics

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