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ST Power Services Consultants and TRS Services Ally to Provide Comprehensive Solutions for Alstom Power Generation Technologies

Posted By: Siraj Taj, Principal ST Power Services

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New strategic alliance positions itself as a reliable alternative to OEM in offering comprehensive solutions and services to the global power industry

Brambleton, Virginia, December 2020 — ST Power Services Consultants (STPSC) and TRS Services have partnered to serve the global power market with particular emphasis on Alstom power generation technologies.

The strategic alliance exists to provide the owners and operators with a comprehensive portfolio of parts and services solutions that are more competitive and reliable than the OEM’s current offering. The strategic alliance will focus on the following technology: GT8, GT11, GT13, GT24, and GT26.

“Thermal power generating companies are under growing pressure to demonstrate flexibility, reliability, and social responsibility to support the transition to clean energy future,” said Siraj Taj, Principal at ST Power Services. “OEM solutions for parts and services have become costly and unreliable for them to remain competitive in the evolving power markets. Plant owners are seeking competitive and reliable aftermarket solutions for parts and services – a true alternative to OEM. STPSC and TRS have the right experience and expertise to provide innovative, pragmatic, and comprehensive solutions to plant owners. We are excited to form a strategic partnership with TRS to serve the global power market.” 

Over the past several years, STPSC has emerged as a reliable, forward-thinking, and strategic partner to thermal power plants. The company is focused on transforming thermal power plants to support the integration of renewable energy resources and to maintain power system stability throughout the transition to our clean energy future.

“TRS is excited to work with STPSC to bring competitive solutions to owners and operators of Alstom power generation technologies,” said John Kirk, CEO of TRS Services. “We believe that they are currently underserved and deserve a better repair and maintenance solution. We’re ready to provide them with that solution.”

TRS Services, with a successful 20-year history of delivering turnkey turbine solutions, brings a massive operations haul to the alliance: a 7-acre campus including an 18,000 sq.-ft. machine shop and 5,000-sq.-ft. maintenance facility.

The STPSC and TRS Services alliance came together through 2020 and is now fully operational.

About ST Power Services Consultants
With more than 30 years of experience in the power generation space, ST Power Services Consultants provides professional services to the global power industry for optimizing a wide range of power-generating assets with a particular emphasis on Alstom GT fleet. Their service portfolio includes Total Asset Management, Major Maintenance Program (MMP), Obsolescence Management, Data-Driven O&M Strategy, Maximize Lifecycle Cost Savings, Optimize Electrical and I&C systems, Owner’s Representative and Engineering Services, and Business Process Management. The company has delivered $100MM in life-cycle cost savings to gas-fired power plants and was recognized as the Company of the Year for 2020 by Energy CIO Insights.

TRS Services
TRS Services provides component repair, upgrade, manufacturing, troubleshooting, and risk management services on a wide array of gas and steam turbines, including the Alstom GT fleet. TRS solutions minimize total costs, reduce downtime, and improve asset performance for turbine owners, operators, and manufacturers. In addition, TRS manufactures, locates, acquires, modifies, and provides component parts for its customers’ industrial turbines.

If you’re seeking a reliable, forward-thinking, and strategic partner with innovative and pragmatic solutions for your power generating asset, please reach out to Siraj Taj at 804.339.9859 or

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