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Thermal Power Plant Transformation: It’s Necessary, It’s Time & We’re Here to Help

Posted By: Siraj Taj, Principal ST Power Services

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Power generating companies are under pressure to demonstrate flexibility, sustainability, reliability, and social responsibility. Companies must redefine their strategies and operational models to remain profitable, competitive, and maintain high levels of asset performance. Discussing your thermal plant challenges can be overwhelming. But we’re here to make it a simple and easy conversation. Here’s what to expect…


We’ve all been there: we graciously spent our valuable time to connect with energy professionals who offer to help our business.

But just a minute or two into the conversation, and it becomes abundantly clear that it’s a waste of time. We’ve been there, too.

At ST Power Services we value your time. We demonstrate this commitment by doing our due diligence on your company before our first conversation, so that we know there’s synergy between your needs and our capabilities

ST Power Services is a power industry consulting firm that develops pragmatic solutions customized to solve your plant specific problems. We’ll ask you relevant questions, collect your answers, and design solutions that will solve specific problems and help you meet your business objectives.


Who You Are

While STPS is a friend to everyone in the power industry and beyond, we’re focused on connecting with:

  • Thermal power plant owners. We know your story and feel your pain. We’ve worked with plant O&M teams to increase plant performance, as well as C suite executives to strategize ways to reduce O&M cost, improve Operational & Commercial efficiencies, and outline workforce development initiatives.
  • Plant stakeholder and key decision makers. The managers, supervisors and plant O&M team members who operate and maintain power generating assets.
  • Private equity firms: Power plant owners who are looking for ways to improve operational and commercial efficiencies, deliver maximum profitability, and superior asset performance.
  • Other stakeholders in the energy sector: While we are focused on optimizing the role of thermal power plants during transition, we’re always open to collaborate with all of our peers.

Who We Are

We are proven thought leaders in the power generation space. We’re engineers, problem solvers, and hands-on fixers.

With 30 years of experience in power generation, partnering primarily with major OEMs, we’re now leveraging proven technical and commercial experience to focus on our strategic vision: transforming thermal power plants to be the bridge to our clean energy future.

We’re led by Siraj Taj, an industry insider who has the unique experience to look across the entire value chain — from sourcing and generating to transmission and distribution — to optimize plant efficiencies and economics. Together with his team, Siraj develops tailor-made strategies that empower plant owners to solve today’s problems while laying the groundwork to profitably transform their organization for a carbon-free future.

What We’d Like to Learn About You

We’d like to show you how we can help reduce your pain, mitigate risks, and meet your business objectives. That said, some of the questions we may ask to facilitate our conversation include:

  • What is your company strategy toward flexible operation?
  • How does this strategy affect your plant operation, maintenance, and workforce?
  • What are your main business drivers? (e.g., generate MWH, supply steam, reliability, availability)
  • What is your plant type? (e.g., Simple Cycle / Peaker, Cogen, Combined Cycle)
  • Is your plant equipment at risk of obsolescence? How do you mitigate risk of extended downtime due to unavailability of parts and services?
  • Do you have plans to develop workforce, update O&M processes, and keep up with continuously changing industry standards and regulations?
  • Is your plant competitive in the market that you serve?

Of course, we need to keep our competitive advantage, so this is just a small sample of our potential discussion. We know there’s much more to talk about.


How We Can Help You

As we mentioned, we’re now totally focused on transforming thermal plants to be the bridge to our clean energy future. We know that before you can set a course for 100% renewables there’s the reality of meeting today’s challenges. We came to this conclusion by talking to you: owners, managers and industry professionals who are directly affected by the changing energy landscape.

Over the past years, we’ve been hard at work in repositioning our company to fill this void in the industry. We’ve done so by packaging together proven practices, expert workflows, vendor accessibility and more into custom engagements. We call this our toolkit for enabling thermal power plant transformation. This fresh approach is buoyed by a revitalized service offering that focused on the following areas:

Our goal for the initial conversation is to gather the right information to show you what an engagement with ST Power Services would look like — which of the above areas we’ll address, the strategy and tactics for each, and how we’ll help you meet your objectives.

How to Get Started

It’s easy.

Contact us at 804.339.9859 or Also, follow us on LinkedIn.

If you’ll be at the POWERGEN International Conference in New Orleans from Nov. 19-21, we’d love to schedule a meeting through the POWERGEN Connect program. Log in to your account, use the Search page to find “Siraj Taj,” click “Meet” and follow the instructions.

Talking about your company, especially your pain points, is never easy. We hope this primer helped you learn what to expect during an initial conversation with our team. And we hope to hear from you soon!

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