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Improve operational performance and empower your power plant with smarter assets.

Posted By: Siraj Taj, Principal ST Power Services

Decarbonization, renewables, smart grid technologies, centralized vs. decentralized generation, market demand for reliable, efficient, and cleaner energy ...   All have created difficult conditions for power plants to remain competitive and profitable.The daunting challenge for plant owners is to maintain the...

Don’t assume more risk than you need to. Don’t leave money on the table. Instead employ an intelligent contract management platform.

Posted By: Siraj Taj, Principal ST Power Services

Creating a contract management platform is the process of managing contract creation, execution and analysis to maximize operational and financial performance, while reducing financial risk to the power plant owner.   Developing a contract management platform can be a time-consuming...

Why in today’s demanding and competitive energy market, a Power Plant Control System Upgrade & Obsolescence Management can’t be part of a wait & see strategy.

Posted By: Siraj Taj, Principal ST Power Services

Power Plant Control System Upgrade. If you’re still considering the viability of replacing your legacy GTCC control system, friends, it’s time to take your heads out of the sand. A power plant control system upgrade should be part of a...


Posted By: Siraj Taj, Principal ST Power Services

What in the world is Hyperloop? One thing is for sure, it's more than just a train. Some people thinks it's a movement and it might just change the world of transportation as we know it. Here's an expert's guide...
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Could Asset Performance Management be the key to remaining competitive and profitable in a rapidly changing and demanding energy market?

Posted By: Siraj Taj, Principal ST Power Services

If you’re a power plant owner, you should know. "Asset performance management is a cross-functional initiative requiring key stakeholders with varied business objectives to join minds under a shared objective." Global power market fundamentals are changing rapidly, and there is...


Electricity markets:

States reassert authority over power generation



Oceans May Host Next Wave Of Renewable Energy



Major Maintenance Program (MMP) Assessment

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