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Improve operational performance and empower your power plant with smarter assets.

Posted By: Siraj Taj, Principal ST Power Services

Decarbonization, renewables, smart grid technologies, centralized vs. decentralized generation, market demand for reliable, efficient, and cleaner energy ...   All have created difficult conditions for power plants to remain competitive and profitable.The daunting challenge for plant owners is to maintain the...

Condition Based Maintenance is Predictive, Smart Maintenance!

Posted By: Siraj Taj, Principal ST Power Services

Condition based maintenance gives you more control over your power plant assets, and keeps you available to the market. Recent studies suggest the power industry collects less than 2% of potential data generated by a typical power plant. Data-driven predictive...


Electricity markets:

States reassert authority over power generation



Oceans May Host Next Wave Of Renewable Energy



Major Maintenance Program (MMP) Assessment

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