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The Evolving Application of Small Gas Turbines (GT)

Posted By: Siraj Taj, Principal ST Power Services

Exploring solutions from cogeneration and the industrial applications to CHP, CCHP, Distributed Energy Resource (DER) & others   Many industrial and manufacturing processes consume an abundance of electric energy. The need for reliable and cost-effective electric energy warrants an independent...

Why in today’s demanding and competitive energy market, a Power Plant Control System Upgrade & Obsolescence Management can’t be part of a wait & see strategy.

Posted By: Siraj Taj, Principal ST Power Services

Power Plant Control System Upgrade. If you’re still considering the viability of replacing your legacy GTCC control system, friends, it’s time to take your heads out of the sand. A power plant control system upgrade should be part of a...


Electricity markets:

States reassert authority over power generation



Oceans May Host Next Wave Of Renewable Energy



Major Maintenance Program (MMP) Assessment

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